Electricity and Load Shedding Problem in Pakistan Solutions

No country can progress without proper usage of the resources present in it. The people of Pakistan are facing lots of problems due to shortage of electricity. Major problems arise due to shortage of electricity. The problem of power failure led to many social and economical crises in Pakistan. The problem of shortage of electricity exists since last 10 years in Pakistan. Now the short fall of electricity is touching alarming level of about 8000 megawatt.Electricity and Load Shedding Problem in Pakistan Solutions

As you know that population of Pakistan is about 18 crore and with the increase in population we have not increased our power production. All this happened due to wrong economic policies of our government. Hydel power generation projects are the need of time. We have not done planning according to time. Pakistan is a blessed country with many natural resources. It is our good fortune that Pakistan is not a landlocked country because it has direct excess to warm water. Tarbela dam and Mangla dam projects were formed due to the sincere efforts of our government and these are not enough for Pakistan. Kalabaagh dam is the need of time but due to controversial issues it is not operational.

The rental power projects are not beneficial for us; these projects are due to wrong economic policies of government. We should have to do efforts to increase our power production. Otherwise we will surely lag behind others. The electricity produce due to rental power projects is very costly and it is the failure of our government. People in the government blame others rather than taking action on this huge problem. One of the big reasons of power failure is lack of foreign investments in our country. All this happened because of terrorism in our country. We have not developed good relations with our neighborhood countries therefore we are facing so many problems.

We should take benefits from the natural resources of Pakistan. In our country there are many reservoirs of coal, gas and oil. If we utilize these resources then we can surely provide benefits to others. Being a Pakistani we should not consider our personal benefits but think of our beloved country Pakistan. We should pay attention to increase our power production by building too many dams. Due to shortage to damns water is wasted and due to heavy rainfall flood comes in major parts of our country every year.

Electricity and Load Shedding Problem in Pakistan Solutions

 Load Shedding Electricity  Problem in Pakistan Solutions

If this situation continues sooner or later the industry of Pakistan will finish or the industrialists will shift their industries to other countries. As a result unemployment, poverty and terrorism will rule over Pakistan. It is our appeals the government official that they should take serious steps increase our power production. The government should promote technology in our country so that talented people come forward with great ideas.

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  1. our government should take steps to solve that serious problems….

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