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Ramadan Calendar 2012: Sehri And Iftar Timings In Pakistan

Ramadan Calendar 2012 Timings Mubarrak month of Ramadan is Coming from July 2012 and these 30 days are more holly and more precious in any Muslim life because in Whole Ramadan Muslims have blessed from Allah specially.These 30 days are more then thousand of years worship.There are many more special days in Holy Ramadan like 21,23,25,27,29 Fasts.Ramadan is the most Holy month of Islamic calender year.This month is the pillar of Islam.
This month is the month in which the Holy Quran book has completed.In this we can not eat any thing in whole day.Our roza started early in the morning time and we finish our meal before Fajor Azaan and after finish our meal when beginning the fast- seher.It is the most Holy month of Islamic calender year.

Ramadan Calendar 2011: Sehri And Iftar Timings In Pakistan

The Holy month of Ramadan will be start on Friday 20th July 2012 this will continue for 30 days until Tuesday, August.

However, the the other Muslims tradition who live in the other countries like US,Canada,and the Europe will celebrate Ramadan on the sunset of Friday 20th July.

Throughout the Muslim world, traditional daily fasting begins at sunrise or Fajor, and ends at sundown or Magrib,when foods prepare especially for the month of Ramadan are eagerly devoured.

Here is Detailed Ramadan Calendar 2012 and  Sehri And Iftar Timings In Pakistan given for all Muslims to know easily timings of Opening and closing of fast.

Ramadan Calendar 2012: Sehri And Iftar Timings In Pakistan,Lahore,Karachi,

This Chart is for Lahore City Please Add your City Difference as below given.

Difference From Lahore to Other Cities (Please add given time according to this Chart)

Karachi: 27 Minutes
Quetta: 38 Minutes
Multan: 11 Minutes
Peshawar: 13 Minutes
Rawalpindi: 6 Minutes

Ramadan Calendar 2012 Pakistan

Friday, July 20, 2012 THRU Saturday, August 18, 2012

 ( Lahore )

No. Sehri
Shuruq Zuhr Asr Iftari Isha
1 03:35:07am 05:10:31am 12:13:48pm 03:58:00pm 07:08:05pm 08:36:30pm
2 03:36:01am 05:11:12am 12:13:52pm 03:58:01pm 07:07:32pm 08:35:43pm
3 03:37:55am 05:11:53am 12:13:55pm 03:58:02pm 07:07:58pm 08:34:56pm
4 03:38:50am 05:12:34am 12:13:58pm 03:58:02pm 07:06:22pm 08:34:06pm
5 03:38:46am 05:13:16am 12:14:00pm 03:58:01pm 07:06:45pm 08:33:15pm
6 03:39:42am 05:13:58am 12:14:02pm 03:57:59pm 07:05:06pm 08:32:22pm
7 03:40:38am 05:14:40am 12:14:03pm 03:57:57pm 07:04:25pm 08:31:27pm
8 03:41:35am 05:15:22am 12:14:03pm 03:57:53pm 07:04:43pm 08:30:31pm
9 03:42:32am 05:16:05am 12:14:02pm 03:57:49pm 07:03:00pm 08:29:33pm
10 03:43:29am 05:16:48am 12:14:02pm 03:57:43pm 07:02:15pm 08:28:34pm
11 03:44:26am 05:17:31am 12:14:00pm 03:57:37pm 07:01:29pm 08:27:33pm
12 03:45:24am 05:18:14am 12:13:58pm 03:57:30pm 07:01:41pm 08:26:31pm
13 03:46:22am 05:18:57am 12:13:55pm 03:57:21pm 07:00:52pm 08:25:28pm
14 03:47:20am 05:19:41am 12:13:51pm 03:57:12pm 06:59:02pm 08:24:23pm
15 03:48:17am 05:20:24am 12:13:47pm 03:57:01pm 06:58:10pm 08:23:17pm
16 03:49:15am 05:21:08am 12:13:42pm 03:56:50pm 06:57:17pm 08:22:10pm
17 03:50:13am 05:21:51am 12:13:37pm 03:56:38pm 06:57:23pm 08:21:01pm
18 03:51:11am 05:22:35am 12:13:31pm 03:56:24pm 06:56:27pm 08:19:51pm
19 03:52:08am 05:23:18am 12:13:24pm 03:56:10pm 06:55:31pm 08:18:40pm
20 03:53:06am 05:24:01am 12:13:17pm 03:55:54pm 06:54:33pm 08:17:28pm
21 03:53:03am 05:24:45am 12:13:09pm 03:55:37pm 06:53:33pm 08:16:15pm
22 03:54:01am 05:25:28am 12:13:00pm 03:55:20pm 06:52:33pm 08:15:00pm
23 03:55:58am 05:26:11am 12:12:51pm 03:55:01pm 06:51:31pm 08:13:45pm
24 03:56:54am 05:26:54am 12:12:41pm 03:54:41pm 06:50:29pm 08:12:29pm
25 03:57:51am 05:27:37am 12:12:31pm 03:54:20pm 06:49:25pm 08:11:11pm
26 03:58:47am 05:28:20am 12:12:20pm 03:53:58pm 06:48:20pm 08:09:53pm
27 03:59:43am 05:29:02am 12:12:08pm 03:53:35pm 06:47:14pm 08:08:34pm
28 03:59:38am 05:29:45am 12:11:56pm 03:53:10pm 06:46:07pm 08:07:14pm
29 04:00:34am 05:30:27am 12:11:43pm 03:52:45pm 06:45:59pm 08:05:53pm
30 04:01:29am 05:31:09am 12:11:30pm 03:52:19pm 06:44:50pm 08:04:31pm

Ramadan 2012 Calendar Lahore,Karachi,Islamabad,Quetta,Peshawar

Ramadan 2012 Calendar Lahore,Karachi,Islamabad,Quetta,Peshawar

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  5. Today i wake up due to this time table and today is the first fast of the month.hope so all peopl wil gain the rehmat of this month.pray for me its a request.and yes ramzan mubarik to al of u viewrs

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