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Top Tallest Buildings in Pakistan

There are many tallest buildings in Pakistan. Previously Habib Bank Plaza in Karachi was thought as the tallest building of Pakistan but with the passage of time there are many new buildings being constructed in the major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

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Many buildings are under construction which would be tallest buildings in Pakistan like Bahria Icon Tower whose height would be 309 meters with 67 floors and will be completed in year 2015 and Karachi port Tower whose height would be 593 meters with 117 floors will be completed in year 2015. Here I will tell you the list of top 10 completed tallest buildings of Pakistan.

Ocean Towers:

Ocean Towers is the tallest building in Karachi and in Pakistan. Ocean tower is 393 feet high with 28 floors and there are shopping mall, food courts, corporate offices, a business club, car-parking area and 4 cinemas in ocean towers Karachi. This building does not rely on KESC for power.

MCB Towers:

MCB tower is second largest building in Pakistan. The construction of MCB towers began in 2000 and was completed in 2005.  MCB Tower is situated in Karachi Pakistan and is headquarters of MCB Bank Limited which was formerly known as Muslim Commercial Bank. The height of the building is 116 meters 381 feet with 29 floors.

The Centaurus:


Centaurus is the third tallest building which is situated in Islamabad. The height of the building is 110 meters and 361 feet. This building will consist of three skyscrapers containing corporate offices, residential apartments and a 5-star hotel.

Arfa Software Technology Park:

Arfa Software Technology park

Arfa Software Technology park which was previously known as Software Technology Park. It was built in 2009. It height is 106 m 348 ft. The name of this building is changed after the name of Arfa Kareem world youngest Microsoft certified.

Habib Bank Plaza:

Habib bank plaza

Habib bank plaza is located in Karachi, Sindh Pakistan which is the head office of Habib Bank Limited. The construction of the building was completed in 1963. It has remained as tallest building until the completion of MCB towers. It is one of the tallest buildings in Pakistan.

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